Warm Recollections of City Sidewalks

Poet John Wisdom posted a five line tanka on twitter which carried me back to my childhood.  The celebrating event defining summer was two fold.  First my hair would be pinned up into my “summer bun,” and secondly, I would be allowed to walk barefoot on the concrete sidewalks.

I had not tried this ancient Japanese form before, but interestingly my memory flowed seamlessly into the traditional form.  I hope it may stir the memories of other writers and promote a chain of recollections.

Here’s the first link in the chain:  John Wisdom’s shared tanka on twitter

Life is Magic and Magic is Life

Life is Magic and Magic is Life

Summer Recollections

hair swept in a bun
the first caress of summer
warming my bare feet
the time smoothed stones rejoicing
eschew their mortared prison


Ilona Rapp, May 2015

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