Words of Wisdom: Elsbet Speaks

Elsbet has shared much of her journey with me through her actions and reveries in Solace Born of Winter. Her training in the old ways has unwittingly granted her the tools to engage in a struggle for all she holds dear. Her unwavering faith in the inherent beauty of the natural order is a source of comfort and replenishment throughout the Sentinels of Solace Series. Rather than heroic actions, Elsbet supports in ways that are both pragmatid and nourishing (similar to our own “Wise Woman traditions. As such, only those who know her well can hint at the extent of her work or the powers she represents. She is the archetypical midwife, nurturing her charges and endeavoring to remain invisible. Like a good midwife, she is very human, and must at times sit on her hands, lest she intervene and disrupt the natural order.
In the posts categorized by Elsbet speaks, she will surrender to the yearning to share the tools and insights she has received. In our world, many of these traditions are taught by author Susun Weed, (Heaing Wise, Wise Woman Herbal of the Childbearing Year).
When I have successfully mastered the building of this blog you will find them at the sidebar/menu under “Healing Allies.”
Elsbet is new to computer use, but determined to succeed. She has to, if only because she won’t let her great Aunt Brighid show her up!


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  1. Hi, Ilona,

    I just wanted to let you know I’ve signed up for your blog posts/newsletters. Your site is beautiful. I can’t wait to read SBOW!


    • Thanks Charlene!! I am working hard to get the first three books of The Sentinels of Solace series completed! Inspired by your sign-up, I will post some short stories soon. For now, it’s a crunch to finish the first half of my series, the goal is January 2018 to have it out to beta readers… (all volunteers will be revered!!)

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