Sentinels of Solace: A Contemporary Fantasy Unfolds

Solace Born of Winter is nearly completed, and marks the introduction to the Sentinels of Solace Series. Updates on progress, background and all meanderings related to the series will find their home in this section. Presently, the works in progress bear the following titles:

Mountaintops peek over a roiling bed of fog

Machu Pichu image, 2015

Prequel: Fall of Solace
Nexus: Autumn Throes of Solace

Introductory novel: Solace Born of Winter
Second Act novel: Spring’s Song of Solace
Third Act Novel: Summer’s Sweet Solace

Solace Born of Winter

Solace Born of Winter is the first novel in my Series, the Sentinels of Solace. It is a

contemporary fantasy which was conceived four years ago, in celebration of my birth as a writer. The writer within me learned to perceive the world around her, and found the voice to communicate those perceptions.
Slowly, I creeped and crawled, and finally learned to walk as a writer. I have now been running full out in joyful abandon following the footsteps of my muse. I almost can’t keep up, and my initial goal of a four volume series seems like only the beginning.
Winter had so much to tell me about the lives, motivations, stubbornness, and strengths of my characters that it seemed I would never reach a pause
in my story. Pause or not, I have redefined the borders of Winter in order to allow the birth of my novel! Now all I have to do is PUSH.
I am nesting now, creating a birthing room so to speak, where my wonderful characters will be introduced to their esteemed readers, and where we all can gather and share our thoughts.
The learning curve has been steep, but I am piecing together ways to create a forum, and some of my friends from Solace want to help, Elsbet has offered to share some her woman’s lore, and Maeva will share some of the ways she and Aedan have reclaimed his childhood. I will be sharing my
finds and my foibles with fellow writers and I hope to create a forum where you can share as well.
I will save the web planning for later, my characters are starting to get jealous.
Thanks so much for joining me as witness to the meandering of the muse!!!