Read the fine print! Writing Competitions, Stress and Relief (or “if it can go wrong, it probably will!”) by Ilona Rapp 02 23 15

I am going to skip to the conclusion and announce that I successfully submitted my three entries into the Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association Unpublished Contest two days ago. It was, of course, the final day and the final hour of … Continue reading

AUTHOR BRANDING: Semantics, Contrivances, Contradictions and Empowerment Part I: Deconstruction and Reconstructing (AUTHOR OR WRITER)by Ilona Rapp 02 22 15

For the writer, language is a powerful tool. Some writers sidestep the title of “author” on the basis of semantics. Despite their status as synonyms, the two words can carry different connotations. Going back to basics, I looked for the … Continue reading

Solace Born of Winter

Solace Born of Winter is the first novel in my Series, the Sentinels of Solace. It is a contemporary fantasy which was conceived four years ago, in celebration of my birth as a writer. The writer within me learned to … Continue reading