Welcome Fantasy Lovers and Writers!

You are invited to join in the journey!

I am the nascent author of a work in progress, “Solace Born of Winter”. In my recent incarnation, I am writing contemporary fantasy, literary fiction and poems, but I also love mysteries, high fantasy, urban fantasy…okay, I really love fantasy!

My blog will show my fondness for the magic of childhood, mythology, the natural world, animals, organic gardening, green products, and sharing resources with other writers.
My emerging book and all of these subjects will have their own show and tell links to Pinterest where I am visually gathering my inspirations. (It’s fun! Really!)
I would love ideas, critiques, suggestions and inspirations for all, so please share your comments with me.

Hopefully we can gather our treasures and share!

Ilona Rapp

“Merry Meet and Merry Part and Merry Meet Again!!!(lyrics by Thom Parrott)


Welcome Fantasy Lovers and Writers! — 6 Comments

  1. Great to see you here on your website, Ilona! Hopefully, you are still checking it – it seems a while since you posted.

    I don’t write fantasy, but I sure appreciate the imagination that goes into it. I don’t think I could do it. I’m still polishing My Man Jack, readying it for publication this summer. Then, it’s back to “Songbird” my novel. I have almost the complete first draft done, but work to go before that’s accomplished.

    See you back at Scrib = )

  2. So nice to meet you. Hmm we share many loves. I homeschooled three kids who have thanked me for not giving them all the answers but giving them a love for learning (so they could find the answers themselves.)
    I am willing to give feedback on work (no I don’t charge.)
    If you get the chance have a (very short) read with your girls – it’s part fantasy part fun (with a dragon and a little girl).
    Dragon Tales and Scales

    • So pleased to meet you as well. I wrote a long response which seems to have migrated to the ethers. We did peek at your Dragon Tales and Scales and will joyfully follow the adventures. Hmmm neighborhood warming… Perhaps we have some dragon families nesting in the polar regions…
      We do share many loves, including nurturing an environment where children can follow their muse and develop a well-informed world view (while maintaining the magic of childhood as long as possible). Thank you for sharing the call for poetry submissions, the heartbreak of drought, starvation and its accompanying disease spread has kept me awake many nights. Interestingly this week’s theme is happiness, and I am forming the images to celebrate the lives of these young survivors and share with them a message of hope. Optimism in the face of devastation, no small endeavor. The project itself, however, nourishes my faith in humanity! I do love your poem, “Happy are we,” and commented about it on your website. Again, so happy to meet you and I hope we can chat again! (and if you truly have time to offer feedback, I would be honored…trying to finish Solace Born of Winter first draft by the summer).

      • I really dont like the ether cuz words are lost :(
        But thanks for sharing that there are those working / striving / surviving this ebola thing.
        You get summer soon – what will you as a homeschool mum do? I used to grab a book (like War and Peace) or a stack of books and read.

        Enjoy the moments big and small – hugs

        P.S. when we get our little dragon aloft we will tell you – hoping to do a kickstart (maybe fall)

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