Many Layers of Truth

Truth is inalienable, except when it is not. It is a many layered work of

art, a composition, with seemingly contradictory elements, each of which defines truth within the fabric of the observer’s background, position, angle of ascent or descent, as well as their field of vision. Consider the feather of a peacock. It is teal, It is also golden brown, it is rigid and it is soft. It is as large as a world to a mite, as small as a mite to a whale. It is of paramount importance to the mite, it is valued as its world, to peacock itself it is valuable, though not irreplaceable.  It is kindly regarded by a human who covets it as an adornment, yet to the whale it is entirely insignificant.

A peacock feather can be transformed to a work of art, poetry or prose.  Entire philosophies may be built upon it. It can lodge in the gorge of a predator, causing great discomfort or injury. It can draw a peahen to create life with its bearer, or it can frighten a naive predator with its unholy eye. It may be coveted, or revered, it may be immense in its life giving attributes, or it may be repulsive , injurious or might even steal a life.
What is the true meaning of a feather?
Once you have answered this question, you are one layer away from the true meaning of life.

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