Many Layers of Truth

Truth is inalienable, except when it is not. It is a many layered work of art, a composition, with seemingly contradictory elements, each of which defines truth within the fabric of the observer’s background, position, angle of ascent or descent, … Continue reading

A Snapshot of a Moment

Little Snapping Turtle Remember how you’d bite When your splashing went unnoticed When our silence gathered spite Little Snapping Turtle Remember how you’d kick When you sought the warmth of comfort Or when you’d fallen sick Little Snapping Turtle Sleeping … Continue reading

Warm Recollections of City Sidewalks

Poet John Wisdom posted a five line tanka on twitter which carried me back to my childhood.  The celebrating event defining summer was two fold.  First my hair would be pinned up into my “summer bun,” and secondly, I would … Continue reading

Our Changing World: It’s Raining in Anchorage

It’s Raining in Anchorage It’s raining in Anchorage. The glaciers have surrendered and the solstice draws near shrouded in brilliant endeavors The glaciers have surrendered The wanton path of progress shrouded in brilliant endeavors bleeds a murmuring of sunlight The … Continue reading